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#1 How to Really Listen in Acting

“If we could only listen to each other on the stage like the animals in the forest do–as though our lives depended on it.” Larry Moss has that fabulous quote from actress Geraldine Page (who many consider to be one of the greatest of all time) in his book The Intent to Live and it is one of my favorite …

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Protected: Monologues

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Essential Tip for Your Big Director / Agent / Whoever Meeting–

You finally got a big meeting with your dream agent or maybe even a big director whose film you’d like to audition for.  This is a mistake you won’t want to make. I was emailed for advice by the parent of one of my students and thought this would be a great “biz” post for you all, especially if you …

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#4 – Don’t make this common audition monologue mistake!

This is the final video of the series of 4 all about your college audition monologue! Okay, I’m excited to share this final tip because it is so important.  Like, make it or break it. I almost cannot think of a time I didn’t give this note when coaching a student on a monologue, so I know how important it …

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#3 – Five ways to make an impression at your college audition.

Five ways to make an impression at your college audition 1.  Interesting Monologue Selection One fabulous way to stand out from the crowd is by choosing an interesting piece.  It isn’t required that you do something unexpected, but it is certainly appreciated.  Plus, it’s a conversation starter.  Maybe you found a lesser known play the panel has never heard of …

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#2 – What monologues should you do for college auditions?

This question comes up all the time and the answer is, there is no one-size-fits-all perfect monologue for college auditions.  There are, however, some tips I can offer to help you find a good one. Things to ask yourself when selecting your pieces:  How are you most likely to be cast?  What are your acting strengths?  What playwrights do you …

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#1 – College Audition Monologues: Do you want to get into a great school for acting?

Welcome to the free series all about college audition monologues. Will you be auditioning for colleges sometime in the next few years?  Or maybe even in a few (gulp) months!?  If yes, this series is definitely for you. Every year I end up coaching a stream of young actors super last minute for college auditions and I always feel bummed …

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Creating a Powerful Moment Before in Acting

Hey Guys, I have another “art” post for you. Okay, odds are you’ve heard of it. And it seems pretty self-explanatory, right? When it comes to the moment before in acting, you might think it’s something that kind of takes cares of itself. It’s just a quick question you ask, answer and boom! You’re done. Not that I want you …

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