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Awesome websites for actors (6 more!)

Here are 6 more Awesome websites for actors!  If you didn’t catch my first post a while back click here. New Play Exchange Here’s one of the best ways to discover new plays and playwrights!  Record and save a career’s worth of thinking about the theater and you can actually champion the work you love.  The Reader level membership is …

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Souling Your Sell: Networking and Marketing

A student of mine recently told me that she loves acting but that she was “horrible at networking” and “shmoozing” and that she didn’t see the point.  She worried this would stand in her way of making the right connections because it felt like she was “selling her soul”.  And I knew what she meant.   But what if we …

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All those people in the audition room.

All those people in the audition room. This is technically a biz post but it’s kind of an art post, too. I hear it all the time:  I was feeling so ready, prepped and confident about my audition.  I was perfect for the role and I wasn’t even feeling that nervous–until I walked in the room and saw all those …

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The business of the acting business. Office hours.

Guess what.  Actors gotta go to the office, too.   Ever wondered what all those people mean when they talk about the business of the acting business? Actors of all ages follow my blog, but whether you are 16 or 60, putting in your actor hours at “the office” will strengthen and advance your career. Your office might be the desk …

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Essential Tip for Your Big Director / Agent / Whoever Meeting–

You finally got a big meeting with your dream agent or maybe even a big director whose film you’d like to audition for.  This is a mistake you won’t want to make. I was emailed for advice by the parent of one of my students and thought this would be a great “biz” post for you all, especially if you …

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6 Awesome Websites for Actors

This is a list I find myself repeating a lot lately, so I thought perhaps many of you would find it useful as well– 6 Awesome Websites for Career-Minded Actors Casting About – Lists every union film and TV project that casts in Los Angeles and every union TV, film and theater project in New York.  You’ll also see the …

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