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Good monologues for college auditions

Good monologues for college auditions It’s often a scramble, isn’t it?  How do you find good monologues for college auditions?  And what determines whether certain monologues are really going to be right for college auditions? My sincere hope is that you stumble upon this post with plenty of time to prepare for college auditions.  But I know that quite often, …

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Staying focused online

Staying focused online is one of the biggest challenges people who work or study from a computer face these days.  I’ll be honest with you, it’s definitely one of mine.  Even before the digital boom I found it challenging to stay focused on my intended task and now in the era of apps and notifications and never-ending live streams of …

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An 8 Week Acting Challenge

The 8 week acting challenge: Are you ready to take it to the next level in your craft? There’s something that has come up in nearly every interview I have filmed for the college audition program (with both actors and acting teachers)…and while it may seem obvious, most actors don’t do it enough. It’s reading great plays.   Every actor …

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Iambic pentameter: rehearsal + performance

Iambic pentameter in rehearsal and performance (Click here for parts one and two) So you know what an iam is and you have begun to look at how to “scan” for where the stressed syllables might be.  How MIGHT this START to TRANSlate TO performance…? Try saying the lines out loud with iambic. Here’s my initial scan: But SOFT what …

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Acting iambic pentameter and performance

Acting iambic pentameter and performance:  What should an actor do with iambic pentameter? Ok, we could do a year long course on this topic, but let’s give you a place to start and get inspired. (If you don’t know what iambic pentameter is, click here.)  Shakespeare was one of the greatest writers of all time and he layered in many …

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What is iambic pentameter?

What is iambic pentameter and do actors need it? If you have ever acted in a Shakespeare play or taken an English class, you may have heard about iambic pentameter, but if your introduction to iambic pentameter was anything like mine, you may be more inclined to study the bubonic plague.  Lucky for me, I eventually discovered that iambic pentameter …

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Your acting coach and choices: Is it still “yours”?

Does going to an acting coach make your audition or work less “yours”? I think this is an interesting question that comes up sometimes so I’m offering my thoughts.  My simple answer is no…but it comes with a caveat. If you come to work with me and you have done little (to zero) preparation, made few choices and don’t have any ideas you want …

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Awesome websites for actors (6 more!)

Here are 6 more Awesome websites for actors!  If you didn’t catch my first post a while back click here. New Play Exchange Here’s one of the best ways to discover new plays and playwrights!  Record and save a career’s worth of thinking about the theater and you can actually champion the work you love.  The Reader level membership is …

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