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The business of the acting business. Office hours.

Guess what.  Actors gotta go to the office, too.   Ever wondered what all those people mean when they talk about the business of the acting business? Actors of all ages follow my blog, but whether you are 16 or 60, putting in your actor hours at “the office” will strengthen and advance your career. Your office might be the desk …

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How to Choose Intentions in Acting

Here it is, at long last:  How to Choose Intentions in Acting.  An example. I’ve been meaning to write this art post for a while now because the topic comes up alllll the time.   Like almost every time I teach.  (Adults included.) So maybe you have been studying acting for a little while now and you think you finally understand …

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For actors (or anyone!) ready to create great habits that last.

Yep.  It’s that time of year again.  Do you set resolutions?  Or do you not even bother because you know you won’t stick to them? If I’m being rrrrrreally honest, I always hated making resolutions no matter what time of year.  I didn’t have the tools to make lasting change and since I didn’t want to let myself down as …

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