A lesser known acting technique that’s super easy to apply

Okay, so hopefully you have seen my first ever vlog, The Acting Technique That Will Set You Free. If you haven’t, it’a a must-watch for sure!

Once you have watched that lesson and you understand what an intention is, this tip will help you take that technique to the next level.

So let’s say your line is:

Get over here right now, Megan.

And maybe you have decided that your active verb or intention for this line is going to be “to demand”. You get up on your feet to try it out, but it just doesn’t quite feel right yet.

At this point you have two options: You could change the intention all together or you could you use this fun little acting technique.

Try adding an adverb on (a word ending in ly that describes the verb).

In the case of the line above, depending on the scene and character, maybe you try to “demand aggressively”. Or perhaps “demand patiently” would suit the moment better. This is where you use your smart script analysis and talent to make choices.

Here’s a list of fun list of adverbs that start with “a” to get your wheels turning. Full list in another post soon!

abbreviatedly, abhorrently, abidingly, abjectly, ably, abnormally, abominably, abrasively, abruptly, absently, absentmindedly, absolutely, absorbingly, abstractly, abstrusely, absurdly, abusively, abysmally, academically,  acceptingly, accessibly, accidentally, accommodatingly, accomplishedly, accordingly, accurately, accusatorily, accusingly, achingly, acidly, acknowledgingly, , acquisitively, acridly, acrimoniously, acrobatically, actively, adamantly, addictively, adeptly, adequately,  adhesively, adjacently, admirably, admiringly, admonishingly, adorably, adoringly, adulterously, advantageously, adventurously, adversarially, aesthetically, affably, affectedly, affectingly, affectionately, affirmatively, agelessly, aggravatedly, aggravatingly, aggressively, agilely, agitatedly, agonizedly, agreeably, agreeingly, aimlessly, airily, alarmedly, alarmingly, alertly, allegorically, alludingly, alluringly, allusively, aloofly, altruistically, amateurishly, ambiguously, ambitiously, ambivalently, amiably, amicably, amorally, amorously, amply, amusedly, amusingly, analytically,  anciently, angelically, angrily, anguishedly, angularly, animalistically, animatedly, annoyedly, annoyingly, answeringly, antagonistically, anti-climatically, anticipatingly, anticipatorily, anticlimactically, antisocially, anxiously, apathetically, apologetically, appalledly, appealingly, appeasingly, appraisingly, appreciatively, apprehensibly, apprehensively, appropriately, approvingly, approximately, aptly, aquatically, arbitrarily, arcanely, archly, arduously, argumentatively, aridly, aristocratically, arm-in-arm, arrogantly, aromatically, artfully, articulately, artistically, artlessly, ascendingly, ashamedly, asininely,  aspiringly, assentingly, assertively, assessingly, assiduously, assumingly, assuredly, assuringly, astonishedly, astoundedly, astringently, astutely, asymmetrically, athletically, atrociously, attemptingly, attentively, attractively, atypically, audaciously, audibly, augustly, auspiciously, austerely, authoritatively, autocratically, automatically, autonomously, avidly, awedly, awesomely, awestruckly, awfully, awkwardly

  1. Hebergeur

    Slings and Arrows”, Lewis described his thoughts that method acting was too focused on pure emotional training and neglected elocution and body training, fundamental to classical acting training and thus included in Stanislavski’s system.

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