Beat Boxing – The Importance of Finding the Beats in Acting

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How to find and use beats in acting:

Have you ever had a director or teacher tell you to take “a beat” in a particular scene or monologue? You may have thought, ok, I’ll take a pause, but then did you really think about what you were taking that pause for? What are beats in acting and how do you find them on your own without waiting for the director to find them for you?

A beat in acting is a place in the script where there is a new thought or idea. It is very important to determine the beats in a scene as it gives you transitions, which are incredibly important (especially in auditions) and are something that directors always look for. Taking the right beats also helps you discover the scene’s rhythm.

I like to suggest drawing a line across the script where a new beat happens. Some actors like to draw a box around beats. This is very helpful when working new material because your script becomes your map while you are in rehearsal. The lines or boxes will help you remember that a new idea is taking place. (Make sure you always mark your script in pencil since things always change as you go.) The beats in this Harry Potter scene would look something like this:


Great transitions in an actor’s work can be so exciting and interesting to watch. Try this out on your next scene or monologue and see what it does for you.  Using beats in acting will help you start working like a pro.  I’d love to hear your experience!

Let me know if you have any questions!

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