How to Get BIG Auditions for TV, Film and Theater

The truth is, there are many ways to procure great auditions, but since this is a question I get asked by actors all the time, I decided to share an experience I recently had with one of my students.  His name is Tom.

Tom recently moved to LA and has been working his butt off in my acting class and elsewhere to further his craft and get himself “in the game”.  He caught wind of a big feature film currently casting at one of the major studios for a lead role he was really right for.  He really wanted to get his foot in the door, so I gave him the advice of putting himself on tape for the role.

What does that mean and how do you do it?

There are services actors can subscribe to that provide downloads of audition material (called sides) for projects currently casting.  The most popular website is Showfax.  Tom was able to find this particular project’s audition sides, download them, work on the material, and then record his audition.  He then submitted his video to the casting office and let it go.  A week later he received notice of an in-person audition at the big studio for the juicy role he had “taped” himself for.

Pretty cool, huh?

I love this story because Tom is 18 years old, he just moved to LA and he doesn’t have an agent.  He took action and decided to create opportunities for himself.  He has been working hard on improving his craft so that when opportunities like these arise, he is ready to nail it.

Questions?  Comments?  Have your own great success stories about landing great auditions?

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