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Naming Beats in Acting

Naming beats in acting You’ve probably heard about using “beats” in acting and if not, definitely check out this post first.  I want to share a way you can take beats a step further and help you create a powerful map for your rehearsal process. Once you have your beats figured out (which of course are always subject to change …

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Staying Released in Acting: Masters With Meryl

Masters With Meryl – Staying released in acting It’s been a long time since I did the first of what I hoped would be an ongoing series.  Meryl Streep is certainly of the best actors of our time if not the best.  Who better to study and learn from? When I posted the first Masters With Meryl it got flagged …

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Part 2 – How to Create a Character

How to create or become a character:  Part 2 Ok, so you know where to start now.  You have read and studied the material and now it’s time to play. There is no one perfect way to create a character and you will find that your process will likely be a bit different every time. I have a practice of asking …

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How to create a character in acting–

How to create a character in acting:  Step One: It’s easy to jump ahead in acting.  We get excited about the story, the character we’re playing, a specific juicy scene…and we sometimes dive into rehearsing/playing certain moments before we are ready. Before you do anything else:  Read and study the entire script. This may seem obvious, but I see it …

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Can actors be shy?

Excerpt from Sidney Lumet’s book “Making Movies”: Paul Newman is an honorable man. He is also a very private man. We had worked together in television in the early fifties and done a brief scene together in a Martin Luther King documentary, so when we got together onThe Verdict, we were immediately comfortable with each other. At the end of …

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Protected: Performance Prep Page

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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The Enemy of Creativity

I’m going to ask you a question and I’d be curious to know what your brain’s first responses are. Ready? What is your personal biggest enemy of creativity? Ok, got an answer?  Or a few?   (I’d love it if you’d share them with me in the comments below.) While I’m sure everything that came up is indeed blocking your …

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Souling Your Sell: Networking and Marketing

A student of mine recently told me that she loves acting but that she was “horrible at networking” and “shmoozing” and that she didn’t see the point.  She worried this would stand in her way of making the right connections because it felt like she was “selling her soul”.  And I knew what she meant.   But what if we …

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