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The Alexander Technique is Awesome for Actors

The Alexander Technique is Awesome for Actors I shared in one of my “life. art. biz.” emails that I had recently done an awesome Shakespeare intensive with the Theatricum Botanicum.  I learned so much that I really look forward to passing on to you all over time.  In this post, I will share a powerful technique to really catapult your physical …

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Acting Technique for Building Relationships: Opposing Descriptors

Acting Technique for Building Relationships As a lot of you know, one of the most important things for you to work out in any scene is what your specific relationship is to the other character.  Who are they to you emotionally?  How do you feel about them?  Here is a tool that will help you flesh it out quickly and …

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All those people in the audition room.

All those people in the audition room. This is technically a biz post but it’s kind of an art post, too. I hear it all the time:  I was feeling so ready, prepped and confident about my audition.  I was perfect for the role and I wasn’t even feeling that nervous–until I walked in the room and saw all those …

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The business of the acting business. Office hours.

Guess what.  Actors gotta go to the office, too.   Ever wondered what all those people mean when they talk about the business of the acting business? Actors of all ages follow my blog, but whether you are 16 or 60, putting in your actor hours at “the office” will strengthen and advance your career. Your office might be the desk …

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How to Choose Intentions in Acting

Here it is, at long last:  How to Choose Intentions in Acting.  An example. I’ve been meaning to write this art post for a while now because the topic comes up alllll the time.   Like almost every time I teach.  (Adults included.) So maybe you have been studying acting for a little while now and you think you finally understand …

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For actors (or anyone!) ready to create great habits that last.

Yep.  It’s that time of year again.  Do you set resolutions?  Or do you not even bother because you know you won’t stick to them? If I’m being rrrrrreally honest, I always hated making resolutions no matter what time of year.  I didn’t have the tools to make lasting change and since I didn’t want to let myself down as …

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Be smart with money now and become a millionaire.

This life post is a topic I have wanted to tackle for some time:  Being smart with money. I don’t know why it isn’t a more common practice to teach bright young people like you how to make informed choices with money. I certainly didn’t make those choices.  And artists often lead lives that are unpredictable financially.  (I am sure you’ve heard.) …

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A lesser known acting technique that’s super easy to apply

Okay, so hopefully you have seen my first ever vlog, The Acting Technique That Will Set You Free. If you haven’t, it’a a must-watch for sure! Once you have watched that lesson and you understand what an intention is, this tip will help you take that technique to the next level. So let’s say your line is: Get over here …

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