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Creating a Powerful Moment Before in Acting

Hey Guys, I have another “art” post for you. Okay, odds are you’ve heard of it. And it seems pretty self-explanatory, right? When it comes to the moment before in acting, you might think it’s something that kind of takes cares of itself. It’s just a quick question you ask, answer and boom! You’re done. Not that I want you …

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Get Inspired With Acting Performances to Admire

Hey Guys, this is Sarah from Teen Actor’s Lab and I have an “art” post for you. Get Inspired With Acting Performances to Admire! You can’t normally tell from these videos, but I am actually pregnant and due to give birth to my first child next month! So exciting! But because of a recent hiccup when the baby tried to …

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The Incredible Power of Keeping Your Word & How To Really Do It

This is a Teen Actor’s Lab “life” post about an idea that’s really important to me.  Keeping your word. Most people seem to agree that keeping their word and following through on what they say they will do is an important value to practice. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t really practice what they preach when it comes to this …

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Saying Thanks – An Easy Tip for Actors That Changes Everything

This acting tip is so awesome because it can have such a profound effect on the relationships you are building in this industry, and yet it’s so simple!  So how are you at saying thanks?  For real? I hate to say it, but I see people miss out on the benefits of this practice all the time and not even …

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The 3 Intentions Instagram Contest: Win & get your video featured!

This is a Teen Actor’s Lab “art.” post. Hey guys, it’s Sarah from Teen Actor’s Lab with a super fun acting challenge for you!  I am so excited to announce this contest because the lucky winners will be featured in the next l.a.b. email and here on the blog! Here’s how to enter the contest: Create an Instagram video acting …

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Instagram Acting Challenge Contest Launches Tuesday!

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Voice in acting – Are you making it impossible to be a truly great actor?

Hey Guys!  This is a Teen Actor’s Lab art. post. about voice in acting. The number one technical issue most actors I work with have, has to do with their voice. If you never work on your voice, you are preventing yourself from acting greatness. It’s that simple. I have met very, very few actors who don’t have lots of …

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Avoid this career mistake, actors.

What They Know Just Might Hurt You. Let me just speak really plainly, here: The Internet. Never. Forgets. I gotta say, I am so grateful it wasn’t around when I was your age because I made all kinds of questionable choices that I certainly wouldn’t want sticking around to haunt me forever. You guys have to think things through a …

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