Say What You Want, Get What You Want

“Ughhhh, but if I go to that party with you I’ll be out super late tonight and then I’ll be tired, grouchy and suck at my big audition tomorrow.”

That kind of line sound familiar?

Most of us have heard a lot about how powerful the use of tools like creative visualization and positive thinking can be in our lives.

Well, consider this:  Every time you speak, you create images in your mind and build energy toward the thing you are talking about.  Those images and energy you create propel you into action, positive or negative.  That may be an idea you have thought about.  But what about the images OTHER PEOPLE are creating in their mind ABOUT YOU when you speak?  And what about the incredible power those images have in your life as well?  We have the power to change what we think about ourselves, but it’s not like you can go out and control what other people are thinking about you!  This is an idea that kind of blew my mind when speaker/author/coach Greg Dinkin went into great detail about how that all really works in a workshop I took.  The point I’m making here is, what you think and talk about really matters.  Big time.

So, back to this scenario.  Try saying this line out loud and see how you feel:

“Ughhhh, but if I go to that party with you I’ll be out super late tonight and then I’ll be tired, grouchy and not on my A-game for my big audition tomorrow.”

Now try saying this out loud:

“You know, I’m going to skip the party tonight so I can be in bed early.  I want to get lots of sleep, wake up feeling great and nail my big audition tomorrow.”

How much better do you feel when you say the last one?  I definitely do.

It’s cool, because it starts to work as like, involuntary team work as we create these life enriching images for each other, proving again how interdependent we all truly are.  Can you imagine how many things you talk about regularly that you can make a slight tweak to right away?  Ask yourself what you are really talking and thinking about.  I promise, if you make this powerful shift you will start seeing really awesome things appearing in your life.

I can’t wait to see you surprise yourselves as you put this simple idea into practice.  Wait, I am actually seeing it right now!  So you know what that means…

Get out there and prove me right!

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