Essential Tip for Your Big Director / Agent / Whoever Meeting–

You finally got a big meeting with your dream agent or maybe even a big director whose film you’d like to audition for.  This is a mistake you won’t want to make.

I was emailed for advice by the parent of one of my students and thought this would be a great “biz” post for you all, especially if you are curious about how to get a talent agent (or how to get an “acting agent” as some of my newer students say.)  🙂

This mother and her son were on a mission to find a great theatrical agent and had just had a bunch of meetings.  They were especially interested in working with one of the agents they had met.  He seemed like the perfect fit and they knew it, but had left all their meetings not knowing where they stood and were confused about what to do next.  Could they call or email him?  She didn’t want to act inappropriately or seem too pushy or desperate, but now they felt stuck waiting to hear back.  She wondered if they’d ever hear anything and how they were supposed to know if they should move on and start looking other options.

There is a fabulous way to avoid getting yourself into this tricky situation:

the next move

One of my greatest mentors Dallas Travers speaks about this often and it’s so simple and so genius.

So let’s say you just had a great meeting with an agent you really liked, but you weren’t quite sure about the fit yet or you wanted to feel out your other options you could say:

“It was so great meeting you!  Thanks for the feedback/advice/compliment about _____(be specific).  I have another few meetings this week so why don’t I follow up with you on Monday after we’ve had a chance to think it over? ”


“This was great today.  Thanks for the feedback/advice/compliment about _____(be specific).  (Or even, you cracked me up with that joke about ___).  I know you are super busy so how about I give you a call you on Friday to follow up after we’ve both had a chance to think it over.”

But something important to keep in mind that will shock some of you:  If you liked the agent, you’ve researched them and after the meeting you just know in your gut it’s a good fit for you, it’s totally okay to say something like:  “Hey, I loved what you said about ____ (how you like to work as a team with your clients, pick something specific) and I would love to work with you.  What do you think?”  And if they aren’t ready to make a decision yet (they often have partners they review clients with) that’s when you set up a time to personally follow up.

When you set it up so that you are the one making the next move, it not only takes the pressure off them, but it’s being proactive and keeping your power.  You will know where you stand.  If, after you follow up once or twice and you don’t hear anything back, this is information that will be helpful in making a decision.

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